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Princeton Adult School – Class Offerings Spring 2021


“Social Security and Medicare: Your Questions Answered!”

Are you wondering how Social Security fits into your retirement income plan? When are you eligible to start taking benefits? Did you know that you can increase your retirement income substantially, depending on when you start taking benefits? How do benefits differ for married couples? How have these benefits changed recently? What about taxes? Are benefits taxed? What about Medicare? When should you sign up for Medicare? What is and is not covered? Are there any deductibles or out of pocket costs? What is Medicare Advantage?

These and other questions related to Social Security and Medicare and how your decisions will impact your retirement will be covered.

Instructors: Gabriella Milley, MBA, Retirement Income Certified Professional® and Tim Connolly, Independent Health Insurance Specialist

1 Session: Thursday March 4, 2021 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM $40
Location: On-line via Zoom Meeting
Register: www.princetonadultschool.org

“Seven Principles for a Successful Retirement: A Course for Women of All Ages.”

Women are living longer than ever. Preparation for a successful retirement means saving for retirement while funding all other life-goals, such as: education, weddings, and vacations. If you have retirement savings and are uncertain as to the next steps, or if you have not yet started to save – this is the course for you!

The seven principles will help you identify the factors that must be considered in planning for a long life. As a woman, what you need to do today to fund your retirement: how IRAs, 401Ks, saving accounts and financial products can be transformed into a “pension.” We will analyze the effect of taxes, social security, and medical expenses in a retirement plan and will address differences for single, married, divorced, or widowed individuals. You will walk out of this class with actionable ideas. This is a women friendly class—all questions are welcomed, and there will be no “mansplaining.”

Instructor: Gabriella Milley, MBA, Retirement Income Certified Professional®

1 session: Monday March 8, 2021 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM $45
Location: On-line via Zoom meeting
Register at: www.princetonadultschool.org

“Life Insurance, Elder Care Insurance, and Indexed Annuities — What Are These Confusing Products, and What Is Their Role in Planning for Retirement?”

Who needs these products and when should they be considered? What are their pros and cons? This class will endeavor to describe: the general characteristics of these confusing financial products, some of the bells and whistles that are added by companies to meet various needs, explain their purpose, and when they can be useful, and how they can help solve some of the big question marks that come with financial planning early, as well as in retirement.

Instructor: Gabriella Milley, MBA, Retirement Income Certified Professional®

1 session: Monday April 5, 2021 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM $40
Location: On-line via Zoom meeting
Register: www.princetonadultschool.org

Due to Covid 19, classes will be taught on-line via Zoom or Microsoft Teams Meeting!

NOTE: These classes are not a sales pitch for any product or company.