Investment Management

The basis of my Client business is primarily a hybrid of Goal Based Financial Planning and Investment Advisory or Assets Under Management. While most clients choose to work with me to assist them in growing their portfolios, my comprehensive approach also includes financial planning.

Once your financial goals and investment risk tolerances are identified and my review of your existing portfolio has been completed, I make recommendations for the best financial strategies for accomplishing goals. I will use my extensive investing experience working with stocks, bonds, options, and funds, plus my 17 years on Wall Street, and my rigorous education at the University of Chicago’s Booth Graduate School of Business, to make my recommendations. Furthermore, I do not recommend any investment that I do not deem worthwhile for myself or my family’s portfolio!

As an Independent Financial Advisor, and through my affiliation with Nationwide Planning Associates, I can offer a broad and diverse product lineup to work towards your financial goals without any conflicts of interest. This allows me to select the products that will best serve my Clients without the restrictions inherent in affiliations with a single financial institution. As part of my financial planning process, I will analyze and become comfortable with the details of your financial picture to build a portfolio designed to help you achieve your financial goals.

Investment products may include individual stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, closed end funds, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, government bonds, preferred securities or covered options. I prefer to invest in liquid investments that have a daily market value and allow Clients to access their savings quickly, if necessary.

As part of the financial review, the need for insurance coverage and guaranteed sources of income will be assessed. Insurance products that may be discussed are life, disability, long term care, and annuities. I prefer products that offer solutions for a family’s insurance needs and provide flexibility to access the funds if the coverage is no longer needed. For example, life insurance can be a valuable financial product to protect a person’s dependents when they are young. As life continues and children grow, the need for life insurance diminishes, but the need to cover the expenses of elderly care, or other health issues becomes more important. Selecting a life insurance policy at an early age, that will also provide benefits for the insured at a later age is a perfect example of products that offer flexibility by covering several financial needs over a lifetime.

Fees for Investment Management

My rates for financial planning with investment advice are based on the quantity of assets under management. The annual fee is 1.0% for portfolios under $1 million, 0.85% for portfolios of $1 million to under $3 million, 0.75% for portfolios of $3 million to $5 million, and 0.6% for portfolios above $5 million dollars.

See Retirement Income Planning with Insurance and Long-Term Care Coverage for a discussion of insurance costs.