Financial Planning

The process of planning for current and future goals is both individual as well as evolving. A “one-size-fits-all” approach cannot be applied. However, the starting point is the same: a thorough analysis of your current financial situation, a determination of your short and long term needs and goals, and comprehensive advice on how to achieve them, given your current asset ownership and your potential for earnings in the future.

One of the challenges of financial planning is that both needs and goals evolve throughout the various stages of a Client’s life.

Goal Based Financial Planning encourages the Client to set milestones while working with their advisor to reach them. I believe it is important to identify enjoyable goals to pursue in our retirement. It becomes a more gratifying process rather than simply “saving for retirement.”

A strong financial plan becomes the road map to financial independence.

Your financial objectives might include:

  • Saving for a new or larger home
  • Saving for education
  • Protecting your loved ones from financial risk
  • Reducing current and future taxes
  • Caring for a special-needs child
  • Caring for an elderly parent
  • Saving for financial independence
  • Saving for a business venture
  • Preparing for a change in marital status
  • Creating a paycheck for retirement
  • Creating personal wealth
  • Maximizing the transfer of assets to beneficiaries
  • Establishing charitable legacies

My goal is to provide you with a full spectrum of strategies to build a financial plan that will evolve to meet your family’s financial needs and goals.

Fees for Financial Plans

I offer two options for my services:

  • Fee-only financial and retirement planning at the rate of $175/hour or,
  • Financial Planning as part of an investment advisory relationship in which the cost is a percentage of the value of assets under management.

In the Fee only financial plan, a comprehensive plan and the finished written report may take 18 to 25 hours to complete. Fees are based on the time required to review all of the information you provide: analyzing your current financial status, researching optimal strategies and solutions for your individual case and presenting recommendations to assist you in reaching your financial and life goals in a tax efficient manner.

Some clients elect to implement my recommendations on their own and will ask for pointed advice or a review of their financial plan when needs arise. These services are subject to an hourly rate.  Other clients ask for assistance on a specific area, not an entire financial plan, for example, a review of their assets and how they are invested,  a division of assets for an upcoming divorce, a fair division of assets of an inheritance. These limited engagements can be completed based on an hourly rate.

Most clients elect to work with me on an ongoing basis by entering in an Investment Advisory Relationship that includes investment advice and goal monitoring for their entire financial picture. I am available to my clients to discuss a wide range of financial goals and concerns, beyond those related to the portfolios they have entrusted to my care. This consultative approach provides me with a deeper understanding of my clients’ needs and goals which in turn result in better outcomes for their financial plans. The result is that my clients’ financial plan reviews may be conducted on an annual basis as well as on an “if needed” basis. I encourage clients to get in touch any time their circumstances or goals change.

My rates for Financial Planning with investment advice are based on Assets Under Management. The annual fee is 1% for portfolios under $1 million, .85% for portfolios of $1 million to under $3 million, .75% for portfolios of $3 million to $5 million and .6% for portfolios above $5 million dollars.